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Step into a greener tomorrow with Lavancha Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd! Pioneering the way with 7 years of solar excellence, we’ve delighted 117+ clients, neutralised tons of carbon, and harnessed innovative technologies for a brighter, sustainable future.

Make A Difference to Our Planet

Create a Greener Tomorrow with Lavancha

Doing your bit towards a greener, healthier planet shouldn’t be a difficult task. Join hands with Lavancha today and experience enhanced comfort both for you and our planet. It’s never too late to be the change you want to see. 

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Our main company goal is to provide green technology to our customers at fair prices.  We do this by searching out technology that is both green, and provides a cost effective solution for customers who want to be part of the “Green Movement”. 

What We Offer

We Fuel The Future With Sustainable Energy Solutions

Solar Rooftop Experience the freedom of generating clean and sustainable power right from your solar rooftop. This cutting-edge solution aids in long term savings and ensures your electricity bill is well within your budget!
Daylight Harvesting Our innovative daylight harvesting solutions utilise advanced technology to capture and distribute natural light, reducing energy consumption and enhancing the ambience of any environment.
Solar Hybrid Wind Energy Although solar and wind energy alone are powerful sources of renewable energy, combining them creates an even more sustainable energy solution. Tap into the extraordinary potential of solar and with working together with Lavancha.
What We Do At Lavancha

Creating A Sustainable Way Of Life

We at Lavancha Renewable Energy Private Limited have been prominent players in the Indian solar industry for nearly 7 years, pioneering innovative and future-ready technologies. Our commitment to sustainability has earned us prestigious international awards, recognizing our positive green impact. Through our initiatives, we have virtually planted thousands of trees, neutralising carbon emissions on a massive scale.

  • 20+ years of cumulative work experience.
  • Commitment to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Adoption of innovative and future-ready technology


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Why You Can Trust Us

Why Lavancha
Stands Out?

At Lavancha, sustainability is the driving force behind every watt of energy we generate. With our innovative solutions, you’re not only embracing a greener future but also unlocking significant savings.

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  • Strong Pan-India Presence With a wide network spanning across the nation, Lavancha brings its transformative energy solutions to every corner of India.
  • Hands-on Experience
    With a team comprising more than 20 years of experience in Renewable Energy, Lavancha's expertise is rooted in real-world experience, ensuring you're in capable hands.
  • Excellent Post-Installation Support
    Our commitment doesn't end with installation – Lavancha provides unparalleled post-installation support, ensuring your energy solutions run seamlessly.
  • Customised Solutions We understand that every energy need is unique. Lavancha tailors solutions that align perfectly with your requirements, optimising efficiency and savings.
  • Easy Installation Seamlessly transition to cleaner energy with Lavancha's hassle-free installation process, minimising disruptions while maximising impact.
  • Versatility
    Whether it's residential or commercial, large-scale or small-scale, Lavancha's solutions are versatile and adaptable, catering to diverse energy needs.

Our Stance Against Climate Change

At Lavancha, our unwavering commitment to combating climate change drives our every endeavour. We recognize the urgent need to address environmental challenges, and our actions reflect this concern for the planet. By harnessing wind and solar energy, we actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions, safeguarding ecosystems, and preserving a sustainable future. 

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One stop solution to renewable energy products.. Great service from team..

Manjunath Shirol

This is a one stop place where one gets to experience innovative solar technology. Awesome product n service and too happy with it..

Sima P

I got a solar & wind turbine installed at my rooftop for domestic purpose. Lavancha was very professional in their approach. Really recommend them for all your renewable energy projects..

Mrityunjay Hiremath

Great service by the company. I had a requirement for Solar Heater. Mr,. Niranjan and his team understood my requirement and installed the heater in time. I will strongly recommend his company.

Kumar C

Mr Niranjan of Lavancha has been extremely helpful in the purchase of my solar heater. Installation was done within 24 hours after purchasing. Everything was done smoothly. Customer care is really good..

Arjun Raju
Let’s Go Green!

Take The Leap Towards Renewable Energy With Lavancha!

Our team at Lavancha is here to guide you through the transition to sustainable power solutions that not only benefit the environment but also enhance energy efficiency. Contact us today and become a part of the renewable energy revolution!

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