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Passive Daylighting In this systems common fenestration like windows, shades, floors, wall, floors and others equipments used to capture and distribute Sunlight into the interiors of the building. In this systems the equipment’s used are stationary and do not track the sun.
Active Daylighting In this system mechanical devices are used that actively capture the sunlight by tracking the sunlight and use it for distribution to buildings indoors or used for other purposes.

Solar Rooftop Experience the freedom of generating clean and sustainable power right from your solar rooftop. This cutting-edge solution aids in long term savings and ensures your electricity bill is well within your budget!
Daylight Harvesting Our innovative daylight harvesting solutions utilise advanced technology to capture and distribute natural light, reducing energy consumption and enhancing the ambience of any environment.
Solar Hybrid Wind Energy Although solar and wind energy alone are powerful sources of renewable energy, combining them creates an even more sustainable energy solution. Tap into the extraordinary potential of solar and with working together with Lavancha.