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Welcome to Lavancha, where we embrace sustainable energy solutions for the future. As your premier solar rooftop power plant service provider, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge technology tailored to meet your energy needs. Our state-of-the-art installations are designed for efficiency and longevity. A Lavancha, we don’t just provide solar solutions; we empower you to embrace a greener tomorrow. Join us in the journey towards clean energy, where each solar rooftop plant plays a role in environmental responsibility.


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Choose Your Rooftop Solar Plan

Direct or Direct-Coupled Systems

These solutions directly convert sunlight into electricity, eliminating the need for batteries or complex components. With fewer conversion steps, these systems ensure maximum power output, making them ideal for those seeking a straightforward and cost-effective solar solution. Our Direct-Coupled Systems utilize high-efficiency photovoltaic panels connected directly to the load. This design minimizes energy losses, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Grid-Tied or Utility-Interactive PV Systems

These intelligent solutions seamlessly integrate with the existing power grid, allowing you to generate clean energy while staying connected. Our Grid-Tied Systems feature inverters that synchronize with the grid, feeding excess energy back into the system. This ensures efficient power utilization and compliance with grid regulations.

Off-Grid Systems

Ideal for remote locations or areas with inconsistent grid access, these systems store excess energy in batteries for use during cloudy days or nights. Our Off-Grid Systems include energy storage units (batteries) to store surplus electricity generated during peak sunlight hours. This stored energy is then used when solar generation is insufficient. Experience true energy independence with our Off-Grid solutions.

Grid Interactive PV Systems

These dynamic solutions offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to draw power from the grid when needed and contribute your excess energy back to it. Grid Interactive PV Systems incorporate bidirectional inverters, enabling the seamless flow of electricity between the solar array, grid, and load. This versatility ensures optimum energy utilization and grid support.

Who Can Go Solar?

Domestic Consumers

Residential Buildings

Public Sector

Private Sector

Industrial Houses



Why The Shift To Cleaner Energy Is Worth It

Benefits Of Solar Roof Top Power Plant

By tapping into the sun’s radiant energy, we can unlock a realm of possibilities that not only redefine how we power our lives but also contribute to a more sustainable and resilient planet.

  • Quick Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Substantial Savings
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Performance Warranty
  • Risk-Free Returns
Our Portfolio

Our Projects

Our wide range of projects covers both national and international clients. Partner with us and enable green energy solutions for the future.
Our Portfolio

Our Projects

Our wide range of projects covers both national and international clients. Partner with us and enable green energy solutions for the future.

Let’s Accelerate The Shift To Clean, Green Energy Together!